1. walk up to the castles to enjoy the view

2. take the bus number 69 and swim at the beautiful beach of Epanomi

3. take a walk by the seaside in the city center (more than 5 km to walk)

4. drink our very own cocktail “retsina-cola” also known as “touba-libre

5. dance ’till the morning in a student party

6. go to a punk concert in one of the big squats

7. eat fresh “koulouri” any time of the day

8. eat “pita giros ap’ola

9. go for a glass of ouzo and a small lunch at Bit Pazar square- and leave late in the evening

10. have your drink in a boat-bar

11. Visit the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and watch movies from all over the world, back to back… or go to any one of the excellent venues it organises during the year

12. Go watch a movie to one of the city’s open-air cinemas (during the summer)

13. Have coffee or a drink at the cafe “Room with a View”, at the loft of the Olympion cinema, which overlooks Aristotle Square

14. Visit the Photography Museum and the wonderful little cafe there which overlooks the harbour

15. Attend a concert at “Mylos”, the cultural space that used to be an industry warehouse and admire the industrial space architecture or the area

16. Visit the “Lake” of Thermi (also known as “Fragma” = the Dam). Stroll around, feed the ducks, sit at the cafe and have a waffle with ice-cream, or visit the adjacent Environmental Park

17. Take a 9 km hike from the Dam of Thermi, and through the forest up to the mountainside of Hortiatis (“Platanakia”)

18. Have fun and lots of water splashing during the summer at the “Waterland” amusement park, in Tagarades

19. Listen to great local bands playing for free, and have a bottle beer that costs only 2 euros at the “Micropolis” social space, in downtown Thessaloniki

20. Visit one of the oldest cafes in town, the historic “Ntore” founded in 1917 (now called “zythos”, by the White Tower)

21. get lost in the lanes of Ano Poli

22. watch the sunset

23. play backgammon in a student cafe

24. Visit Kapani open market right next to Aristotelous Sq. and buy yourself some olives or better some extra virgin olive oil.

25. Ask your host to make you a traditional greek salad (with the olive oil you’ve just bought)

26. Seriously, you can’t say you’ve been to Thessaloniki unless you’ve eaten BOUGATSA.

27. Learn some Greek. It’ll do you good.

28. Drink ‘Frappe‘ in a cafe on the city’s promenade and watch the sunset in the harbor.. the best attraction of the city.

29. Meet Thessalonikians , there are really nice people in this city and you can find them and meet them anyway … lol

30. Shopping (or no shopping) stroll in Tsimiski str. at market hours in a sunny day

31. If u are gay visit enola bar , or if you are lesbian dada bar

32. Ice cream or crumpet or beer or alternative shopping in Navarinou pedestrian/square

33. Cheap spanakopita in Aristotelous sq

34. Photography in spots like seaside , old port , anw Ladadika , terraces , markets , cafes etc. , its a cool city for photography

35. Bouzoukia if u like oriental style of entertainment

36. Go salsa dancing at “La Rosa negra” for those who are addicted

37. Visit the ancient place of Vergina

38. Visit the archeological and the Byzantinum museum

39. Go for a city break at the cities of Kavala and Kastoria

40. May be u know it already but u have to eat ”moussaka” and ”pastitsio

41. If u like trendy places u can go at ”Mistral” at Krini, or at ”Interni” at the main seaside

42. walk into old factories and other industrieal ruins.

43. eat greek-oriental sweets, like the speciality “trigono panoramatos

44. go to an alternative concert every monday in Apura Moria

45. get interested in byzantine and othoman monuments

46. watch a theater play from one of the many independent theater groups of the city

47. Play with KOBOLOI while having a ery slow stroll in the city.

48. Get drunk with Ouzo un the statue of Alexander the Great.

49. lay on the grass in Kastra.

50. have mezze at te taverna IGGLIS next by Kastra.

51.organize a daily trip to “POZAR” minerals

52. For “dirty” jobs go to Laspoloutra: krinides Kavala(close to the ancient place of Philipoi) or pikrolimni Kilkis.

53. if any special interest about caves go to Alistrati, Maaras or Petralona caves.Are really uniques. All of them.

54. Go at the top of the white tower (great view of the city and you will burn calories 😛 )

55. Try some biking around the uni, navarinou square and the harbor (watch out the maniac drivers)

56. Have Indian Food at “nargis” (a little alley off Alexandrou Svolou street called “Kapetan Patriki” at number 28 – it’s opposite the place where “Esperos” cinema used to be)

57. Have a unique blend of fresh “mocca” ice-cream made at the spot in “Ellinikon” – a patisserie at the Depot area (Vassilisis Olgas Street near Villa Bianca) or “Il Gelato”

58. Have some “politika glika“(recipes from Instabul) at Hatzis pattiserie, or other similar places like “Mourouzis”

59. Have some “patsas” at “Tsarouhas” restaurant near Aristotle Square -or any other place (it’s traditional soup made of pork). it’s recommended after a wild late night out. These places work during the night until morning hours!

60. If you want to eat american food go to “Kitchen Bar”, “TGI Friday’s”, “Applebee’s” or “Ruby Tuesday”.. anyway you get the point.

61. This is a place where you want to go even if you don’t want to cut your hair; it’s the hair-stylist, Elpida, who owns “Thrix” one of the most cult, alternative places you’ll ever visit. If you are not afraid to let her use her imagination on your skull, you can get out of there with a completely new head! 🙂

62. Do you feel like marking your body to remember of this town forever? (I am just saying- people fall in love sometimes…) here is where you should go: tattoos and piercings at “Tattooland” or “Nicos Tattoo” close to Navarinou Sq.

63. If you want to visit a bookstore, you should pass by “Konstantinidis”, “Prwtoporia”, “Ianos”, where you will also find english-speaking books. For second hand books/music, visit “Pare-dose” at Navarinou.

64. For second hand clothes, visit “Amerikaniki agora”(the “american market”)

65. Visit ‘Stereodisk’ one of the last places in town left that sell great music, cds and dvds.

66. Some of the best bars in town: “Art House”, “Elvis”, “Thermaikos”, “Nikis 35”, “Ilios”, “Lotos”, “Flou”, “Ekkentron”, “Diatiriteo”, “De Facto”, “Berlin”, “Lucky Luke”, “To Nero pou Kei” (=” fire water”), “Residents”, “Gesualdo”.

67. Visit the bars at Syggrou Area: “Partisan”, “Rock n Rolla” (Valaoritou Street), “to spiti mou”(Leontos Sofou Street), “Paparouna”, “Ypovrihio” (=submarine) or go for a Czech beer at “Gabrinus”.

68. All the Queer bars you will ever need (apart from “Enola” and “Dada” mentioned above): “Bigaroon”, “D7”, “Prezzante”, “Alma Libre”, “Bel Ami” (forgive me if I forget something)

69. eat at MPOYKA at kassandrou street

70. visit TSINARI area and eat at “tsinari”

71. take a ride with the city touring bus (“cultural route” by public buses)

72. Visit the catacombs in the church of Aghios Dimitrios

73. Take a stroll around “Ladadika” in the afternoon and head up to Valaoritou st. in the evening to meet most of the young people in the city!

74. go for a coffee at OTE “tower” and enjoy a panoramic view of the city

75. Try “Vergina” beer. Greece is not the home of beer, but this northern greek lager is quite good and very cheap.

76. Enjoy a Barbeque party at Hostel Arabas with great food, great music and the best company from all over the world!

77. Take the bus ‘CULTURAL LINE 50’ .The route is round route and has the same terminus and departure point. It starts from white tower and its about 50 min to make the route. It provides to passengers an audiovisual material (in Greek and English) about the historical and cultural monuments of Thessaloniki. you buy the ticket on this bus, it costs 2 euros (1 euro if you are a student, also, if you buy a 24 hours ticket, maybe you can also use it in this line)