Quality, affordable accommodation, superbly located right in Ano Poli, the Old City of Thessaloniki, the most beautiful part of the city with great view over the sea and traditional architecture surrounded by the castle walls.


Just 10 minutes from downtown!

Click on the titles to see Video with exact directions

From the train station:     (Download a guide.)

1) With the railway station behind you take a LEFT down Monastiriou. Take the Monastiriou Street, which is just in front of the railway station, towards the city center

2) At the first set of traffic lights turn LEFT onto Michail Kalou Str. Keep straight ignoring any side streets until you reach a major junction/ interchange.

3) At the junction cross the main road Lagkada , and go up the opposite road (Agiou Dimitriou) which bends slightly to the right.

4) Keep to the LEFT of Agiou Dimitriou as it gently climbs uphill, taking a LEFT at the second set of traffic lights (not including the ones at major junction) up Ifestionos.

5) Go up Ifestionos until you reach a roundabout. Head directly across,where you will see 3 streets.Choose the one in the middle,-the only STONEPAVED street headind to the upper town-this is our street-Sachtouri street.

6) Actually Sachtouri street is the first STONEPAVED street parallel to the old city walls,which surrounds the upper town(old city).So,proceed up the steep hill for about 3 minutes. Continue ahead as the road widens and narrows again, ignoring side streets. Studios Arabas is located on the RIGHT at NUMBER 28.

From the Airport :   (Download a guide.)

   Take the Bus n° X1, until the Bus-stop Aristotelous. Get off and then take Bus No 28A/B till the Bus-stop ‘Palia lahanagora’.Get off,go to your right and start walking uphill.Choose the stone paved street you see on your right hand-next to the traditional 2floor building with the wooden windows and head uphill.This is Sachtouri street-our street!We are located at Sachtouri 28 street

You could also take a taxi from bus-stop ‘Aristotelous’ to the street Sachtouri 28, Ano Poli.

Or you could walk(approx.20 mins).Keep heading straight on Egnatia street till you find the vertical street called Venizelou.Turn right on Venizelou street and keep heading uphill till you see the huge white government building ‘The ministry of Macedonia and Thrace’.Go to the left,infront of this building cross the street,go pass the pharmacy which is on the corner and head diagonally to the right in Stratigou Doumpioti street.At the end of this street,you will see the roundabout,stay on the right side where you are,pass by the grocery ,the fast food ‘Asterix’ and the butcher’s and keep heading uphill.The stone paved street you will see infront of you(right next to the traditional 2floor building with the wooden windows,is our street-Sachtouri street.Keep heading uphill till Sachtouri No 28.This is where our hostel is located.

From the bus station:

   Take the bus No 31 until the Antigonidon bus stop. On the other side of the street you will see another bus stop also called Antigonidon. So,go to that bus stop and get bus No28A/28B untill the bus stop named ‘PALIA LAHANAGORA‘. When you get off the bus, walk to the right, start heading uphill where you will see 3 streets. Choose the one in the middle, the only one which is STONEPAVED. This is our street and it’s called SACHTOURI str. In 3 minutes you will find the hostel on your right hand, number 28.